I believe in always following your heart and pursuing your passions, knowing that you are never limited to just one thing that tugs at your heart strings. You can love many things.

I believe in being mindful of building a life you love and that the path to following your dreams is never ending. DREAM BIG so that there never is an end in sight; so that you will always grow, and learn, and imagine. Because it is forever about the journey, not the destination.

I believe that our truth lies in what we love and often times we must take a leap of faith and a big dose of courage to get there. Nothing truly spectacular comes from comfort zones, something we learn over and over again throughout life.  

I believe that kindness is contagious, that the best way to understand others is to listen and put yourself in their shoes, and that collaboration over competition will always prevail.

I believe in doing work I love every day and in doing so, hoping that others will grab my hand and walk with me, so they too can do what they love and pass on the message.

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    The Constant Creative, by Samantha Skelton