You Are Exactly Where You Should Be 1024 681 samantha

You Are Exactly Where You Should Be

My generation is plagued with the idea that we are never where we should be; in our careers, financially, in love, in what our home looks like, in life. Maybe (hopefully) we don’t feel all those at once, but the years of post-college life are usually peppered with phases of extreme hardship on ourselves for…

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reframing thoughts
Coming Back to a Reframing 768 1024 samantha

Coming Back to a Reframing

Much of this year has been about a reframing of things. A reframing of our thoughts. A reframing of our vision of what we thought this year would look like. A reframing of how we look at everything we’ve gone through in this tumultuous year, and even in our lives. Getting outdoors has been so…

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The magic of the rest of this year 997 1024 samantha

The magic of the rest of this year

You know when Joey from Friends tells Chandler, “HEY opposite…IS OPPOSITE!” That’s all I can think about when I think of the second half of this year. I’m going out on a limb to declare it’s going to be everything the first half wasn’t and I’m SO so excited for everything that is in store…

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Sam Chat: 10 Things About Me 681 1024 samantha

Sam Chat: 10 Things About Me

You know me, I like a good list. Lists make me happy and grounded and they’re addicting. There’s a reason why everyone reads the Buzzfeed lists, right? While those are probably more entertaining than this one will be, a good relatable list is nice. I recently polled you guys on Instagram and some of you…

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