Hey there!

Hey there! I’m Samantha Skelton (but you can call me Sam) and in between too many cups of coffee and taking walks with my dogs, I like to write.

I’m a storyteller, dreamer, and passion-project enthusiast. I love to get cozy and spend time at home but I also want to explore the world and meet a ton of inspiring people in this huge fish bowl we call life.

I’m a writer, storyteller for the screen, and enthusiast for the constant creatives of the world!

I like to get candid about my own experiences here on the blog, while also sharing inspiration and things I’ve learned along the way in my creative and personal pursuits.

You’ve probably landed on this blog for the same reasons I started it—to find clarity, and to ignite a fire in people and leave them feeling more inspired than when we found them. We all leave a legacy, whether you’re out there impacting the greater collective or your own community, I truly love that one is not more significant than the other.

I write to understand life and I believe in the power of storytelling. Thanks for stopping by!

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