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Reflecting on 2017

The older we get, the faster time flies by. Often times I think we forget what life lessons we’ve truly learned or how much we’ve grown as a person. Reflecting on the good and the bad allows us to get real with what we want out of life.

2017 felt like a stepping stone year for me. I suppose every year is a stepping stone, but it didn’t feel particularly wonderful or exceptionally awful. That’s not to say that I’m not grateful for this life and the fact that I’m alive and healthy because let me tell you I AM! A lot of amazing things did happen this year and I’m proud to celebrate that too.

2017 was a year that I spent a lot of time questioning things. I spent a lot of time worrying and asking what-ifs. While that probably won’t go away completely, I’ve come to more peaceful terms with a lot of things that happened this past year.

In my Cultivating Your Best Year email series I’m doing with my subscribers, we reflected on 2017 yesterday with a few journal prompts geared toward reflecting on our accomplishments, positive things we want to cultivate again this year, things, people, or energy we want to get rid of for 2018, what we learned about ourselves, and so much more. Every day we’ll take some time out of our day to write down answers to these questions and I did my journaling this morning!

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My 2017: Personal Growth & Reflections

I did write longer more personal answers down in my journal, but here are some takeaways from my year and reflections I had.

  • This past year I got to know myself a lot more. I got to know my strengths and weaknesses more than I ever have and I came into my strength and self-awareness. I stood my ground for energy that no longer had a place in my life and said “no” more to things I dreaded instead of trying to please people.
  • This past year I put effort and energy into people that didn’t reciprocate that, that simply didn’t care as much as I did. It took months and months to come to terms with that, but I know that in 2018 I can’t let suck energy out of me. I want to cultivate friendships and partnerships with people who meet me on the same level and put thought, energy, and nurturing time into me just as much as I put into them.
  • In 2017 I showed up for my dreams, but at times not as much as I could have. Can we all give 100% every single day? It’s a nice thought but I think we all have days where we just need time. Time to give ourselves a little rest and self-care, and that’s okay! But I think I could’ve been a little more aggressive in being productive, in not making excuses, and going after it. If you haven’t read it yet, check out one of my top blog posts: Showing Up for Your Dreams
  • Something I learned this past year was that we CANNOT predict how our life will go. That’s obvious I guess. But this year it was really cemented for me. There are some things in my life today that one year ago looked completely different. The bottom line is that I can worry all I want, but there’s a greater plan here. Trust that.

My Happiest Moments and Achievements

2017 also brought some really happy times and crazy accomplishments for me:

  • I wrote 2 short films: one that you can view here and one that’s in pre-production!
  • I went on my first cruise
  • I filmed a commercial with Hyundai that was so much fun!
  • I started this blog! It’s something I wanted to do for a while was so happy to finally just start
  • I might live in LA, but there’s a lot of things I still haven’t done in my own city! I finally went to the summer movie series at the Hollywood Bowl and it was a blast! We saw Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • I attended BeautyCon for the first time! Read my blog post about authenticity at BeautyCon
  • I traveled to Asheville, NC for the first time with my Mom and Uncle
  • My family took a trip to Oahu and we stayed in the cutest town of Lanikai. We felt like locals for the whole week. I had been there a few times before and was so happy to show them my favorite spots! I learned a lot about being present on this trip, so check that post out!
  • I learned a lot more about social media and digital marketing. (I’m that person that loves books on business too, the nerd side of me comes out)
  • I participated in a Mastermind with some amazing bloggers and one of my favorite PR Influencers!

All in all, Reflecting on 2017 allowed me to see where I flourished, and where I could have done more. 2017 prepared me for the year ahead, as I suspect each year will do.  I had some amazing times with friends and family that I never want to forget and I’m glad I took time to journal about it all.

What did you reflect on and learn about yourself in 2017? Scroll to the bottom and drop me a comment to tell me!

Also, be sure to check back on the blog in the next few days to read blog posts about the other 2 days of my email series! We’ll also ask ourselves some tough questions as well as set clear intentions for the year ahead!

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Amazon Prime Stocking Stuffer Guide – For the Girls

Let’s be honest. Every year we say we are going to get ahead and have all our Christmas shopping done by the first or second week of December…and YET every year most of us end up doing last minute shopping. It’s hard for us busy girls who consider ourselves pretty organized and on top of things, but it still happens. If you’re one of the lucky ones, kudos to you my friend and enjoy the last week of December not running around! But here’s the thing. I don’t want to spend my time running around and being stressed out either. I have things to do before the end of the year, and family and friends to spend quality time with. So, I thought I would create an easy to shop stocking stuffer guide where you can get everything here on Amazon! If you’re a Prime member, even better. This makes things so easy and you escape the holiday rush of every shopping center in America.

Click the photos to shop this post!

Stocking Stuffers for the Girls

  • Mini Monthly Planner $8:
  • Burt’s Bees Mini Travel Set $10! (perfect for traveling or keeping in your car)

  • Real Technique’s Miracle Complexion Sponges, Set of 2 (Love these!) $7!!

  • NYX Butter Gloss (you’ll never use chapstick again) $8

  • These beanies, because I love the little top fuzzy part! $9-14

  • Mini Vanilla Scented Candle 

  • These super cute $10 Passport Cases!

  • Headache Heat Pack, Lavender $23 (a life saver for me personally)

  • Mini Bluetooth Speaker, $14

  • Natural Sheet Masks, $9

  • Faux Succulents set of 5, $20 (great desk accessories!)

  • Rifle Paper Co. Notepad $9 (calling all list makers, this is so cute!)

  • Honest Company’s Natural Lavendar Bubble Bath, $10

  • Book: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (can’t wait to read this and what better way to start a new year?)

Bonus stocking stuffer: Her Life is Her Art coffee mug from my Etsy shop! (not available on Amazon yet, but check it out in my shop!)

Your Life is Your Art: Living with Intention


Thanks for reading and check back soon for the guy’s stocking stuffer guide! Comment below and tell me your great stocking stuffer ideas!








back to school accessories
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Back to School Accessories Guide

I can’t believe that school is already starting back up, so I wanted to create a fun back to school accessories guide! Most of these items would probably be geared towards college or high school students (or if you’re anything like me, you don’t even need to be in school to still want everything here).

Not gonna lie, part of me wishes I was still in college purely for having a better excuse to get all this cute stuff. I’m a weird one excited by a fresh new journal or brand new pen. I’ve actually always liked school, minus finals. I like learning and taking notes and I might even go back to school for my Masters in Screenwriting one day. We’ll see, I’ll keep ya posted!

Anyways, I compiled some super cute back to school accessories below (click the arrows on the left to see more)! You’ll notice more notebooks and coffee mugs than anything, but what can I say that’s just who I am as a person. The other day I was in Paper Source and I’m pretty sure that’s what my heaven will look like haha.

From My Etsy Shop

I also wanted to include some canvas pencil pouches that I made for y’all! Each one has a different Underwood typewriter quote on them. They’re super cute for back-to-school or even if you’re just wanting something to keep all your little things in one place. Click the photo to get more info!

backtoschoolaccessoriesback to school accessoriesbacktoschoolaccessoriesbacktoschoolaccessories



What are some of your favorite things from the list above? I love the floral 2018 planners and of course my Hydroflask that I currently have goes with me everywhere! Comment below (scroll to the bottom) and tell me your faves or if you got anything from here!

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