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The Perfect Carry-On Bag + What’s In My Carry-On

I get sort of romantic about traveling. Really, I do. Traveling to me is like adding another color onto my canvas and treating my life like art. It’s filling up my cup a little more. It’s broadening my horizons. I always come back from a trip feeling renewed and with a newfound sense of understanding about something.

But before anything too revolutionary can happen, we have to worry about what to pack in our carry-on. I’ve become a carry-on packer pro of sorts, I even traveled to Switzerland for almost two weeks with just a carry-on (crazy, I know). But I wanted to show you guys what I pack in my personal carry-on bag (the one under my seat on the plane) and show you the inspiring tote bag that’s up in my shop that I am obsessed with! The quote says, “She turned her cant’s into cans and her dreams into plans.”  This could not be a more perfect travel tote. How many times have you told yourself you’ll go to that dream destination you’ve had in your head? This is all about just doing it. Stop thinking about traveling somewhere and make. It. Happen. You can shop this bag here.

Now, what’s in my carry-on? Click the photo above to shop (some) of the items on liketoknowit or you can also shop everything via the links below if you’re interested.


  1. My laptop. I recently had to upgrade laptops because my other one was from 2011 and it would take me 2.5 hours to do something as simple as open a word document haha. I have the 2014 Macbook Pro now and love this one, it goes everywhere with me.
  2. Laptop soft cover case from Etsy. The cutest cover case that prevents my laptop from getting scratched. It has pockets in front too so I conveniently keep all my pens in there, because I’m a pen nerd.
  3. My Planner. Type-A over here, so yes this goes with me when I travel. Especially if I’m getting some work done while I’m traveling I like that I still have my calendar there or to make to-do lists in. I’m a fan of larger planners and this one is very similar (same brand).
  4. My obsession with notebooks is a slight problem, but when I travel I try to keep it simple. I like just a regular school-style notebook so that I have lots of room to write everything I need. Whether I’m taking a break from my laptop and writing down blog ideas in here, making lists, taking notes on a podcast I’m listening to, or jotting down ideas for my next script, a notebook goes where I go.
  5. The 7-year pen. I wrote about this pen in my September Favorites post, but this is the best pen I’ve ever owned. I’m going to Asheville on this trip and that’s where the store is so I cannot wait to spend too much money there!
  6. Currently have The Nightingale with me (so excited to read it!) but I also have a book on writing subtext in screenwriting with me and my Your Best Year 2018 workbook too.
  7. I really don’t like that Apple keeps changing the headphone ports so now I take headphones that can easily plug into my laptop and ones that can go into my iphone too. Here are the headphones I have.
  8. Sunglasses and glasses. I’m a creature of habit in the sunglasses department and I’ve had this style of Ray-Bans for years. It’s a winner in my book. My glasses are necessary for distance. So, if you ever see me and it seems like I’m looking at you but I don’t say anything…it’s because I am blind haha. This happens to me all the time, it’s bad. At the gym, at the store. I should probably get contacts honestly. The pair I have are also Raybans and I got them at Lenscrafters.
  9. I am a snacker if there ever was one. I always need to have snacks on me or I reach a level of starvation and can’t function. Besides what’s seen in this photo, I also took a few more snacks and tried to keep it as healthy as possible. I don’t like feeling like a blog after eating airport food all day, but hey it happens sometimes. On this trip I also took Justin’s Snack Pack Almond Butter With Pretzels, a small Ziploc bag of Trader Joe’s Organic Popcorn with Olive Oil, an orange, a ThinkThin Oatmeal Individuals (6 Count) for in the morning (so I wouldn’t spend 1 million dollars at Starbucks in the airport) and this time my Mom and I took it a little far. We also got our favorite vegetable rice bowl from Aroma Coffee & Tea Company in Studio City the night before and took it as our lunch. I also take my own Jasmine Green Tea tea bag so if I’m on the plane I can have a pick me up instead of coffee if I’m feeling something different.
  10. My HydroFlask . I don’t leave without it. It keeps my water SO cold (or my coffee super hot) and I’d rather drink out of this than plastic water bottles if I can help it!
  11. Advil/Excedrin. I get really bad headaches and sometimes migraines. At times they can get so bad that any sound or bright light is excruciating pain. I try not to take these a lot, but if my headache is that bad while traveling I just want it to end.
  12. Beauty: I pack my makeup bag in my suitcase, but I usually have a few things to freshen up with if I’m going somewhere straight from the airport. This time I took my L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup, N4 Buff Beige, 1 fl. oz., NYX Butter Gloss PRALINE, Bobbi Brown Telluride Shimmer Brick Compact – Sunset Pink, Costco Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Towellettes, 4.53 Pound, and Jergens Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturizer 3 oz (Pack of 2).
  13. A sweater. I get cold very easily and I always find myself freezing on planes, so this is a must for me. This sweater cardigan is comfortable yet warm enough to snuggle up in. Here is a similar one.

So by now you’re probably thinking that’s way too much and yes my bag does weigh a lot haha but I am the kind of person that would so much rather have the option of having something than being disappointed that I didn’t bring an item. What’s in your carry-on that I should know about?


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#FallFavoritesFriday Insta Stories: September Roundup

We are fully headed into the second week of October and if you’ve been following along on my Instagram, I’ve been doing my weekly #fallfavoritesfriday! Every Friday I share a few things I’m loving for the fall season; anything from food, clothes, beauty, decor, notebooks, events, you name it! Here are a few things I shared during two of my September fall favorites, hope you enjoy!

Fall Favorite #1: Trader Joes Maple Leaf Cookies

You guys. These are so so addicting that maybe you shouldn’t even try them. At this point, Trader Joes should just sponsor me because I buy everything seasonal they offer. I’ve gone through attest 5 boxes of these maple cookies, it’s bad.

Fall Favorite #2: Nordstrom BP V-Neck Pullover Sweater

You guys might remember me showing you this on my stories about two weeks ago, sorry for the bad photo but I thought you might remember this if I pulled it from my stories! It really is the softest sweater I’ve owned and I love the way the neckline sits. It’s so comfy, and even though I ordered an XS, it’s still roomy and not tight. If you click here, it will take you to a page where you can shop the different colors I’ve linked to. Unfortunately most of the sizes sold out except for XS. If you think we’re the same size than you’re in luck, but if not then keep checking back! I also linked my all-time favorite NYX Butter Gloss and OPI Nail Polish!







Fall Favorite #3: Tazo Peach Cobbler Tea

Maybe peach cobbler is a summer thing, but to me this smells like fall spices and I love it! I am a huge coffee drinker but I’ve also become such a tea lover these past few years! I always go for a hot tea in the evening and when I want caffeine, this is my go-to recently! It smells like you’re drinking a pie, and what’s better than that right?

Fall Favorite #4: Monthly Themed Calendar

I got this at HomeGoods because I am obsessed with everything when I go in there and I couldn’t resist. This is the cutest monthly calendar with each month being a different theme that fits a holiday or season during that month. I showed September and October on my stories and thought you guys would like it! It’s magnetic so it can go on your fridge too!


That’s it for my September roundup! Check back at the end of October for that month’s roundup and be sure to follow me on Instagram and follow along on my stories! Have you tried anything above? I’d love to know, or if you have anything fall-related you think I might like feel free to message me!





Fall bucket List
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The Ultimate Fall Bucket List: 23 Things I’m Dying to Do This Season

I’m embracing fall with everything I’ve got this year, so I thought it would only be fitting to do a fall bucket list. I live for the holidays and October through January are my favorite months to relish in everything that makes my heart content.

Recently I was writing in The 52 Lists Project: A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration and it asked me to write down everything I love about fall. I wrote that I love feeling cozy inside and out, I embrace the idea of hygge, I love that Scorpio season is approaching, I love tradition, and I love that fall brings a season of wonder, change, comfort, and balance.

This fall in particular I am embracing my wanderlust by taking a trip to Asheville, North Carolina at the end of October that I’m SO excited for. I’ll definitely do some blog posts about that trip so stay tuned. But this season I’m also embracing the idea of growth and development not only internally but also within my creative projects (like the short film I’m making with my brother) and I’m championing the cliché idea that fall makes us want to try new things and be cozy while doing it.

So without further ado, here’s my fall bucket list AKA everything I’d love to do this season

  1. Bake a pie
  2. Play in the leaves
  3. Go apple picking
  4. Go through a corn maze
  5. Decorate Pumpkins
  6. Host a Friendsgiving
  7. Take a scenic fall foliage drive
  8. Go to a football game and tailgate
  9. Watch Hocus Pocus
  10. Make a homemade fall-inspired coffee drink
  11. Make a gratitude list
  12. Roast pumpkin seeds
  13. Carve Pumpkins
  14. Find a new flannel
  15. Have a fall photoshoot
  16. Go to a fall festival
  17. Find the perfect fall-inspired nail color
  18. Get a new notebook
  19. Snuggle by the fire
  20. DIY my Halloween costume
  21. Find the perfect fall sweater
  22. Read an inspiring book
  23. Create a new fall-inspired coffee mug design for my Etsy shop

If you’re in the Los Angeles area like I am, check out this list of must-do things during fall in LA.

What’s on your fall bucket list? Comment below and tell me, I’d love to hear from you!


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September Favorites: 4 Things I’m Loving Lately

As September is coming to an end (how did this happen? I was just planning summer trips!) I wanted to share a few things I’m loving lately. I thought this would be a fun peek into random things I love and use all the time. Also, I’m just warning you now, this is probably the last “things I’m loving lately” post you’ll get that doesn’t include anything fall or holiday related because I am just a little obsessed with all seasonal things from October on haha. Let me know if you’ve tried anything below and what else you’d like to see next month!

First up, NYX Butter Gloss. Now let me just say that I have never been a lip gloss person. I hate how it makes your lips sticky and I’ve always preferred chapstick over lipgloss. Erin from Cotton Stem shared about these guys (they’re under $9, so affordable!) and so I gave it a try. Let’s just say I’m addicted haha. I have it in several colors and love how it makes my lips feel so hydrated. The colors seem to mold to your own lip color in a way, so it’s really versatile for everyone. This color was super pretty and subtle!

September Favorites NYX Butter Gloss


You can shop the NYX Butter Gloss here:

Next, my ALL TIME FAVORITE pen the 7-year pen from Seltzer Goods. Y’all know that I am an avid list maker, I journal and do my morning pages almost every day, and I always need a good pen with all the writing I do. I like to switch from my laptop to a good-old-fashioned notebook every once in a while when I’m working on my screenplays too. Basically, I’m one of those people who loves a good pen so I knew this one was amazing the second I tried it! I got my first 7-year pen as part of a gift after I graduated college and have been in love with them ever since. Basically, go get one right now. You’ll never need another pen for 7 years. Also, something really cool is these pens are eco-friendly. I’m so glad this company is eco-conscious and works towards a world with less waste!

September Favorites 7-year Pen

Go get your 7-year pen here, there’s SO many cute designs! I linked my favorites below!




Next, I’m a huge fan of skincare! I can’t go to sleep without taking my makeup off and I love a good face cream. I also loveee face masks and had the opportunity to try the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask at BeautyCon and it’s my new favorite mask! I’m a big fan of sheet masks but this one is so hydrating and glides on like gel.

September Favorites Laneige Sleeping Mask

September Favorites Laneige Water Mask

Check out this water mask here:

Last but certainly not least something I’ve been loving is this Ginger Beer! I’m a big fan of Moscow Mules and I recently made my own using this Ginger Beer and it was really good! (strong, but good). Let me know if you want the recipe I used and give this a shot!

September Favorites Ginger Beer

Get this Ginger Beer for your next Moscow Mule!

And those are the things I’ve been loving lately! Thanks for scrolling through my September Favorites, drop me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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10 Ways to Transition From Summer to Fall

I’m a southern California girl, born and raised. We don’t see much of the “seasons” around here, but a girl can dream right? Haha. Regardless of where you live, there are some great ways to transition from Summer to Fall and get you in the mood for hygge, pies, and cuddle time. Summers here mean going to the beach, rooftop cinema series, air conditioner on 24/7, and no desire to go near “Hollywood” because of the tourists. Is the fall season really that different though? To me it is! The temp drops a little and I actually break out some sweaters. I looove fall because it makes me feel all warm and cozy inside and there’s something about the fall and winter seasons that makes you slow down a tad and appreciate the little things in life. So, without further ado, a little list (cause you know how I love my lists) on 10 ways to Transition from fun in the summer sun to falling in love with fall!


Buy a fall-scented candle
What other way to feel like fall has finally arrived than with a scented candle? I don’t know about you but I could 100% spend an hour in Tartransitionfromsummertofallget or HomeGoods trying to pick a candle! I love this one from Nature’s Wick.

Finally unpack that summer suitcase
Anyone else do an awful job at unpacking right when they get home? Maybe it’s the nostalgia kicking in, but I always wait to unpack especially with summer vacations. Put that pesky suitcase away and make room for one of the best seasons of the year.


Journal about your summer travels
In a world where blogs and social media posts are where our memories live other than our minds, it’s nice to jot down the fun times you had over summer. I love journaling because I always think I will go back and read everything when I’m 70. Do you do that too? Maybe I’m crazy but I guess we’ll find out! Ha. Anyways, I think this is a great way to re-live those adventures one more time before you start making fall plans!

Print out your favorite photos to add to a photo album
I’m definitely a preserver by nature. I think that’s why I journal about everything and I’m always the one to print out our family photos. I also don’t want to look back and say, “Hey, remember that awesome summer vacation we took? Too bad Instagram doesn’t exist anymore and we have no photos of it!” This is a great time to print out photos and maybe host an end of summer gathering where friends and family can laugh about everything.

transitionfromsummertofallTreat yourself to a cozy fall sweater (that you’ll probably have to save for later)
So maybe it’s too soon for warm sweaters, but that’s another thing that really makes me feel like fall has arrived! There are a lot of cute seaters on sale right now (like this one from Nordstrom’s) and I love anything that makes me feel cozy and at home. I can just see it now, snuggled up with my new sweater, drinking a latté, watching my favorite TV show on a Saturday.

Which leads me to…order your first Pumpkin Spice Latte

I don’t care what anyone thinks, these are so freakin’ good and get you right into the mood for fall! You can also support your local coffee shops that have something similar. Either way, I know I’m going to get myself one of these today!

Start a project you’ve been dreaming up this summer to get you into that fall workflow

It’s hard to have your routine stay on track or to start something new when you’re in that carefree summer mode. But with the arrival of fall can come a rejuvenated mindset that’s ready to stop putting those creatives dreams on hold and get to work! What will you begin?

Bake something 
I actually really love baking and wish I made time for it more often. It’s calming to me and so satisfying when something turns out better than you anticipated. Try this delicious looking Apple Butter French Toast or this Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Pie.

Find a fall seasonal event in a city near you
Just like summer concerts in the park, LA has some great events like Oktober fest or fun day-trips to go apple picking! Timeout made a great list last year, so if you’re local to the area check it out!

Tailgate at a college football game
Football is life if you’re from the south which is exactly how my mom grew up, and while we don’t tailgate as much as our roots would probably like us to, it’s still so fun when we do! The substitution for tailgating at football games in years past has been tailgating at Supercross events here in California!

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to go do everything on this list and pretend like I’m not sitting here sweating from the humidity in LA right now haha. Leave me a comment below and let me know how you plan to get in the mood for fall!


Morning Habits that Will Inspire You to Create
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5 Morning Habits that Will Inspire You to Create

My morning routine is pretty simple and I’ll admit, you’re not going to see anything mind-blowing on this list that you probably haven’t heard of before. Simplicity is key for me, especially in my morning routine. I learned that the more intentional I was about my mornings and the more I stick to them this way, I was more inspired to write, brainstorm new ideas, and do what I love to do best: create. So here are 5 healthy morning habits I’ve gotten into a routine of doing that inspire me to create.

Create before you Consume

AKA don’t be on your phone first thing in the morning. I used to wake up and check my phone in bed while my eyes were barely open. Not only did that start to strain my eyes sometimes, but it would either get me stressed right away if I looked at how many emails I had or it was a big distraction because I would start scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, and let’s face it, there’s nothing that interesting on there so early in the morning. “Create before you Consume” was actually something I heard Julie Solomon say over a year ago when I tuned into one of her webinars. It really hit home for me because I realized, I know that my mind is more alert and fresh in the mornings. That’s when I do my best writing. But being able to create was being overshadowed by everything else I was consuming. It’s hard to come up with an original idea when you’re flooded by the ideas of everyone else. This is something I’ve really tried not to do and it’s worked so well this past year! For me creating before I consume means I don’t read other blogs, scroll on social media, read another screenplay, etc. before I write my own blog post, a page in my own screenplay, etc. the list goes on. I usually keep my phone on silent until I’ve finished writing and drinking my coffee.

Morning Pages

If you’re sick of me talking about my love for morning pages yet, you’re in for a treat haha. Morning Pages for me (3 handwritten pages of whatever comes to mind) makes me feel so grounded and ready to attack the day. It’s the ultimate dump and jump—dump out everything that might be weighing on you, stressing you out, or even positive things that might just be clogging up your brain and then jump into your day with a freer peace of mind. Sometimes I read a few pages of The Artists Way before writing these pages, which is where I heard about this in the first place! Doing my morning pages gets my creative juices flowing and sometimes I come up with my best ideas for my projects during these pages. So inspiring!

The routine of coffee or tea

For me, this is a part of my routine that I covet. I love my mornings so much. It’s “me” time and I love to sit and drink a few sips of my coffee with my dogs snuggled up near me and enjoy that time. Sometimes I think it’s less about actually needing that caffeine (although let’s be real I am a coffee fanatic) and more about the routine of enjoying my cup of brew. Having a part in my routine that I do without fail brings more intention and consciousness into my everyday life, and furthermore it inspires me to go create something I love.  You may not be a coffee or tea drinker and that’s fine, but find something that you will do every day and just sit there for a few minutes taking it all in. We won’t always have mornings to ourselves so I like to cherish that.

Get dressed before you create

Whether you work from home or you’re finding time for your morning routine before heading to work, I find that getting dressed makes you feel mentally prepared to get down to business. Of course, I still like to be comfortable and most days you’ll probably find me in workout clothes regardless if I’m working out, but staying in my pajamas until noon does not do me justice. Getting dressed inspires me to be conscious that it’s time to make those ideas a reality. 

Morning Habits that Inspire You to Create, Made to Create Coffee Mug

“Made to Create” coffee mug by Samantha Skelton. Click to buy. Photo by Hannah Robinson Designs

Start Creating

Aren’t we talking about things to do in the morning that inspire you to create? Yes, but it’s sort of like that saying, “to begin, begin.” Like I said before, I do my best work in the morning. It’s when my brain is most alert and I show up and do the work in the mornings more so than any other time in the day. Sometimes just starting in on a project can lead to more ideas, momentum, or creative clarity. There is no better time to start than “now” because tomorrow will lead to never.

What habits do you do that inspire you to create? Share your inspiration below by scrolling to the bottom to leave a comment!





Authenticity at BeautyCon
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The Beauty in Authenticity: Notes from BeautyCon

Celebrating the Uninhibited You:

I recently went to my first-ever BeautyCon in LA and wasn’t surprised to see that many of the brands there had a message to send. A powerful one. One that coincided with what BeautyCon is all about. The crazy thing is just one month ago I wasn’t even sure what BeautyCon’s message truly was. Turns out, authenticity at BeautyCon is huge.

When I found out a friend got us passes to BeautyCon I was ecstatic! Something you may not know about me is how much I actually love makeup and skin care. When I was little I would watch how my mom took care of her skin and was always so curious to see all the different products she would use. As I got older it grew into curiosity about what I like and started experimenting with different kinds of makeup. To this day, we are still obsessed with Bobbi Brown, not much has changed from 10 years ago (except that we are also obsessed with Beauty Blenders now). But because I’m sure you know by now I’m not a beauty blogger per-say, I have more to share here today than my favorite products.

authenticity at beautycon


Beauty in the Wild

I hopped on the internet to find out about BeautyCon before going and what I discovered was more than their line-up of guest speakers. Moj Mahdara, CEO of BeautyCon, wanted to create an environment where digital content creators had a platform to express their individuality—especially in a world where the influence on young people is so important in today’s world. Her diverse background fueled the drive to continue to create diversity in the beauty and digital world. In an interview with Forbes Elyssa Starkman, Head of Content at BeautyCon, said “At Beautycon we believe it’s more important to have the space to do-you, to interpret those how-tos however you want.”

When I entered the convention center at BeautyCon, I was greeted with a visual fusion of the beauty and digital worlds that reflected exactly what I had read before going. Their Beauty in the Wild poster stood loud and proud:

“Beauty in the Wild is a call to celebrate the uninhibited you—to feel free and bold in expressing all the different elements of your individuality. At this year’s BeautyCon festival in Los Angeles, we invite you to join our community of rule breakers, risk takers, and innovators to be untamed, fierce, and fearless. It’s an exploration into the power of beauty through self- expression.”

The How-You Voice vs. How-To

More than anything, BeautyCon celebrates being your most authentic self in whatever way that looks like. How you define beauty for yourself, and how you choose to utilize makeup and skincare is your own individual expression of power and creativity. I didn’t see many booths talking about the latest “trends,” rather I saw brands showing young people, “here’s what we have to offer and we’d love to see how you make it your own.” BeautyCon makes a conscious move into the “how-you” voice and away from the “how-to.” They want you to celebrate the uninhibited you and come together to celebrate the diverse interpretations of beauty. Authenticity at BeautyCon is huge.

I left that day feeling like there was such a force behind the message that there’s so much beauty in being true to who you are and being your most authentic self. As I walked around the convention, I felt confident in my own skin and had a feeling that most people there did too because of the encouraging environment to just “do you.”

Authenticity at BeautyCon

Authenticity in Social Media

BeautyCon’s message of being authentic speaks volumes not only in the beauty world, but in the digital world as well. So much of what BeautyCon is about is fusing the glam world with the online space. I hear this all the time as a blogger to be your most authentic self, but it’s so true and it’s something I hope we can all do and find genuine ways to express that. In this social media world, it can get confusing and hard to not be influenced by other people or content. Something I always tell myself is that if I can’t tell my closest friends a room full of people that I truly like something or I’m advocating for something than I’m not being my authentic self. There are so many ways to look at it, but this was a way to dip our toes into the conversation of authenticity.

authenticity at beautycon

Express Yo’ Self

Anyone else have that song pop into their head and want to break out in a little dance when they read that? Haha. But really, today I’d like to carry on their message of being your uninhibited self, of being true to who you are, and I challenge everyone (including myself, because we’re all in this together) to find ways to genuinely express who you are. Say it loud and proud!

Tell me a few ways below that you stay true to who you are! Maybe even let me know what beauty means to you! Scroll to the bottom to leave a comment!


back to school accessories
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Back to School Accessories Guide

I can’t believe that school is already starting back up, so I wanted to create a fun back to school accessories guide! Most of these items would probably be geared towards college or high school students (or if you’re anything like me, you don’t even need to be in school to still want everything here).

Not gonna lie, part of me wishes I was still in college purely for having a better excuse to get all this cute stuff. I’m a weird one excited by a fresh new journal or brand new pen. I’ve actually always liked school, minus finals. I like learning and taking notes and I might even go back to school for my Masters in Screenwriting one day. We’ll see, I’ll keep ya posted!

Anyways, I compiled some super cute back to school accessories below (click the arrows on the left to see more)! You’ll notice more notebooks and coffee mugs than anything, but what can I say that’s just who I am as a person. The other day I was in Paper Source and I’m pretty sure that’s what my heaven will look like haha.

From My Etsy Shop

I also wanted to include some canvas pencil pouches that I made for y’all! Each one has a different Underwood typewriter quote on them. They’re super cute for back-to-school or even if you’re just wanting something to keep all your little things in one place. Click the photo to get more info!

backtoschoolaccessoriesback to school accessoriesbacktoschoolaccessoriesbacktoschoolaccessories



What are some of your favorite things from the list above? I love the floral 2018 planners and of course my Hydroflask that I currently have goes with me everywhere! Comment below (scroll to the bottom) and tell me your faves or if you got anything from here!

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